Design + Build

Blucore Construction works closely with local architects and draftspeople, engineers, interior designers and other professionals to deliver exceptional results on every project we engage in. We can guide you in the direction of experienced architects/draftspeople who can help you design your dream space. Having collaborated on numerous projects with our preferred engineers and designers, our strong relationships ensure your building project not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Our Process

With 20 years experience in building and renovating, Keegan and the team at Blucore Construction can take the confusion out of the process for you. A general guide to how our process works from initial meeting to build completion is as follows:

Initial Meeting

Firstly, we’ll organise an obligation free consultation, usually at the project location, to get a sense of the space you’re working with, and what it is you’re trying to achieve.

This meeting gives us a chance to discuss your overall plan and budget. If you are at the initial concept stage, we can guide you in the direction of an experienced architect or draftsperson, who will work with you to design your dream space. Alternatively, you may already have your plans ready to go, in which case you are ready for the next stage.


Planning is the most important stage of any building project. From our experience, the more time spent on the planning stage prior to commencing a build, the more smoothly your project is likely to run and the more accurate your costing will be, ensuring maximum efficiency on your project. If you’ve already completed your plans and surveys then we can skip this step, but if not then we’ll put you in touch with one of our preferred architects or draftspeople to get your vision drawn up, both to meet your needs, design-style and budget.

Estimates and Contracts

Once we have a set of plans to work with, we can provide an estimate that outlines what the building project is likely to cost and what is included in our estimate figure. We will also be able to speak to you about options for reducing costs where we can see them.  Once we have agreed upon a scope of works and a budget figure, we can move to drawing up contracts. Depending on the detail provided in the plans, this can either be an HIA and MBA Cost-Plus or Fixed Price contract. We can discuss the pros and cons of both of these styles of contract during this stage of the build process.  Having a schedule of finishes also helps to ensure accurate quoting and a smooth build process.


Once the plans are finalised and you are envisioning living in your new home or addition to your existing home, the next step is to get the approvals in place, either via DA or CDC (Complying Development). Usually your architect or draftsperson will include this process in their fee proposal. The approval process can take up to 3 months for a DA but is usually quicker for CDC.  Further information regarding these types of approvals can be found at https://www.shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au/Planning-Development

Once the approvals are in place, we can set a date and get started. This is where the real fun begins.

Build Process

During the build process, Keegan will keep you informed of the build process via weekly meetings. These can be in person or via             Facetime/Zoom etc. Weekly meetings provide the chance to discuss any concerns, ask any questions and Keegan will give you an idea of any  decisions that need to be made or keep your updated on any prime cost items that need to be purchased and provided in the upcoming week.

Build Completion and Handover

When the build has reached a stage of practical completion, we will issue a notice of practical completion and hand over a folder that includes relevant documentation, compliance certificates and warranties.  We will also provide you with your new house keys and a little housewarming gift as a token of our appreciation.